How Do You Land a Job?

    What's your best story around landing a job? How did you land it?

    We've gathered eight incredible job landing stories from professionals like COOs, CEOs, and Founders to inspire your job search journey. From an accidental hot dog vendor job to embracing networking and keeping options open, these leaders share their unique experiences and the strategies that led them to success.

    • Accidental Hot Dog Vendor Job
    • Networking Event Leads to Dream Job
    • Friend's Job Conversation Sparks Opportunity
    • Proactive Approach at Event Pays Off
    • Creative Application Secures Position
    • Personal Touch Creates Unique Impression
    • Networking and Referrals Open Doors
    • Embrace Networking and Keep Options Open

    Accidental Hot Dog Vendor Job

    One summer, I was a substitute hot dog and candy vendor for little league games in my community. My friend had to take a Saturday off. Little did I know, he planned to quit the job. I was the obvious replacement, accidentally in place. It was such a pleasant job, selling hot dogs and treats to little baseball players.

    Trevor Ewen
    Trevor EwenCOO, QBench

    Networking Event Leads to Dream Job

    In an unexpected twist of fate, my journey toward landing my dream job unfolded with an unforgettable encounter. Attending a networking event, I struck up a conversation with an influential industry professional who shared my passion for innovation.

    Engaging in an animated discussion, we exchanged ideas and visions for the future. Little did I know that this connection would pave the way for my breakthrough. Recognizing my enthusiasm and knowledge, they recommended me to a prominent company seeking fresh talent.

    The recommendation carried weight, leading to an interview that showcased my skills and compatibility with their organization. Ultimately, this fortuitous encounter and subsequent endorsement played a pivotal role in securing my dream job, igniting a career path filled with growth and fulfillment.

    Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu SharmaCEO & Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

    Friend's Job Conversation Sparks Opportunity

    I was recently talking to a friend about her new job. As she told me more about the organization, its goals, and the type of people they are looking to hire, I had an ah-ha moment—that's me!

    I let my friend know I would be interested in learning more and she quickly connected me to her boss. Less than a week later, I had a new opportunity that is a great fit for both sides. My curiosity about my friend's new job quickly paid off.

    Kelli Anderson
    Kelli AndersonCareer Coach, Texas General Insurance

    Proactive Approach at Event Pays Off

    I was merely attending an event, listening to the CEO's speech, taking notes, and showing genuine interest. During a break, I offered to help manage the Q&A session following the CEO's speech. I skillfully moderated the questions and ensured a smooth flow.

    In the end, I approached the CEO and expressed gratitude for the enlightening speech. I also handed over my resume, mentioning my admiration for the company and my desire to contribute. Intrigued by my proactive approach and impressed with my ability to handle the Q&A session, the CEO agreed to have a brief conversation.

    A few weeks later, I received an email for an interview at the company's headquarters. The interview went exceptionally well, and my proactive approach and passion for the industry became clear once again. I was offered the job and happily accepted, embarking on a rewarding career journey. This story highlights the importance of thinking outside the box, being proactive, and finding unique ways to stand out.

    Joe Li
    Joe LiManaging Director, CheckYa

    Creative Application Secures Position

    I landed a job by submitting a unique and creative application that stood out from the competition. Instead of a traditional resume, I created an interactive website that showcased my skills, experience, and projects.

    The website included videos, interactive elements, and a personalized cover letter. With all this, the employer was impressed by the creativity and effort I put into the application, which led to an interview opportunity. The application allowed me to show my abilities memorably and ultimately helped me secure the job.

    Roy Lau
    Roy LauCo-Founder, 28 Mortgage

    Personal Touch Creates Unique Impression

    In my tenure running a digital agency, an instance that stands out is how I cleverly clinched a job early in my career. Proactive research about the management team revealed that the lead interviewer was a cricket enthusiast. I used this information to create a unique first impression.

    On the day, I entered the room with a cricket ball, nonchalantly placing it on their desk with a remark, "I'll just leave that there for now". Their bemusement didn't hinder the smooth progression of the interview.

    After my presentation, I approached the desk, picked up the cricket ball, casually tossed it into the air, and caught it again. I said, "You need me because I'm an all-rounder". This personal touch cleverly underscored my multifaceted skills and created a bond on a personal level.

    The impact was immediate—I was offered the job on the spot. A testament to the power of personalized connections in the professional world.

    Shane McEvoy
    Shane McEvoyMD, Flycast Media

    Networking and Referrals Open Doors

    I got my first job at a movie theater, and it was by far one of the most fun first jobs you could get.

    I was still in high school and looking for a part-time job. I lived in a small town and had sent in applications to all the stores I could think of in town. One day, I was talking to one of my favorite teachers about the difficulty of my job search.

    He told me he could give me a referral and said I could put him down as a reference. He also told me he knew some of the local business owners and would reach out to them to see if they were hiring.

    One of his acquaintances was the local movie theater owner. My teacher called him up and referred me. I was then asked to meet with the owner and fill out an application with his manager. After doing so and meeting some of the movie theater staff, I was offered a job the next day! This taught me early on that networking is powerful.

    Liz  Hogan
    Liz HoganCareer Expert, Find My Profession

    Embrace Networking and Keep Options Open

    Networking and keeping my options open have been key to landing jobs. One instance was when a colleague referred me to an opportunity that was not yet advertised. I highlighted my pertinent skills during the interview and followed up with a strong thank-you email. Ultimately, I received the job offer.

    Keeping my portfolio up-to-date, attending events and conferences, and following industry leaders on social media has also opened doors for me. Networking is about getting a job and establishing relationships and getting your name out there.

    Basana Saha
    Basana SahaFounder, KidsCareIdeas

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